Fox Family Worldwide, Inc.

Fox Family Worldwide, Inc. (“FFWW”) was formed in 1995 though a joint venture between Haim Saban and Fox Broadcasting (“Fox”), an affiliate of News Corp. At inception, Mr. Saban contributed Saban Entertainment, then a 3,500 half-hour children’s library and global production and distribution business, and Fox contributed Fox Kids Network, then a 19-hour per week children’s block on the Fox network. In 1996, FFWW launched Fox Kids International, which, at the time, was an internationally localized children’s network, and in 1997, FFWW acquired The Family Channel, which later became Fox Family Channel.

At the time of its $5.2 billion sale to Disney in 2001, FFWW was one of the world’s leading vertically integrated, global family and children’s entertainment companies that produced, branded, licensed, broadcasted, and distributed live-action and animated family and children’s television programming. FFWW managed its business across two broadcast segments: the Fox Family Channel, a fully-distributed U.S. cable television network, and Fox Kids, a global children’s entertainment franchise.